# 1. How do I place an order?
You can place an order via email by attaching a completed Customer Information Form in case you are a completely new customer and we do not have your information in our database. If we have worked with you before, all you need to do is send an email to orders@tsaki.com or call the numbers listed.
# 2. How long will it take to complete the order?
All requests are fulfilled within 48 hours. In case there is any delay, a member of our staff will contact you for further clarification.
# 3. Who should I contact if I am not satisfied with the service?
In case you have any complaints about the work of our assistant, you can write an email to khristova@tsaki.com or call the Manager of TSAKI Ltd - Krasimira Hristova on +359 888 802 374.
# 4. What should I do if my vehicle goes into emergency mode and discharges INCORRECT AdBlue®?
If you have such a problem, a sample of the product in the truck and a sample of the container in which the AdBlue product is stored should be taken immediately. Both samples must be properly sealed in clean, opaque bottles, labeled as instructed, with the "Laboratory" section - "Claims Procedure" and sent to us at. "Labels" with the "Labels" form and the "Labels" procedure with the "Labels" form and the "Labels" procedure with the "Labels" form. When sending the samples, inform the employee with whom you work at TSAKI Ltd. In the meantime, drain the product from the AdBlue cistern, flush the system thoroughly with clean water and add product again. If the problem persists you should call in a service technician from your servicing dealer. Inform the service technicians that you are working with a Licensed product from TSAKI Ltd and give them the Certificate of Analysis that was provided to you when the product was delivered. If you have a warranty troubleshooting problem, you must inform the person who services you at TSAKI Ltd.
# 5. How should I store the AdBlue product?
The AdBlue product should be stored in new and clean plastic or stainless steel containers. It is forbidden to store it in containers that have previously been used to store fuels, antifreeze, adhesives and other aggressive products that may damage the quality of the product. The container must be closed to avoid possible contamination. It is recommended to store the product at a temperature between -5C° to 40C°. Do not keep in direct sunlight.
# 6. Is there a difference between the AdBlue® product used in cars and heavy trucks?
No, there is no difference.
# 7. Does AdBlue® freeze and at what temperatures?
The product freezes at -11C°. The good news is that if the product freezes and then thaws it does NOT lose its properties and you can use it without worry.
# 8. Where can I send a sample of AdBlue® if I have any doubts about the quality of the product I am using?
The sample must be properly sealed in a clean, opaque bottle, labeled according to the instructions under "Laboratory" - "Complaints Procedure" and sent to us at. To the Laboratory; When sending the sample, please send a detailed description of your complaints to: lab@tsaki.com, as well as feedback information. Contact person: Lyudmila Nikolova - Laboratory Technician; tel: +359 887 450 957
# 9. What equipment should I use when using AdBlue®?
All pumps, flow meters and connections must be stainless steel or plastic. All metal components contaminate the product and in the long term can cause serious problems with the SCR system of the vehicles.
# 10. Do you offer AdBlue® equipment and MIT certificatе commercial metering for sale through retail outlets?
YES. We offer. A full description of all our products, along with certificates, can be found under "Products", "Equipment" or contact a member of our staff.

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