Why should AdBlue® be transported in specialised vehicles?

The storage and transportation of AdBlue is described in detail in ISO 22241-3. All containers, memories and storage containers must meet the requirements for AdBlue.

Transport activity

TSAKI Ltd. has its own fleet of specialized tanks for the transport of AdBlue equipped with flow meters for commercial measurement, which undergo annual meteorological inspection through the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology (BIM). The transport unit operates under International Carriage of Goods Licence No , through its associated company, Bluescape Automotive Bulgaria Ltd. All vehicles are managed using FMS (Fleet Management System) system, which provides full control and monitoring of logistics processes.

FMS Transport Management System

Ensures complete control from planned customer order to final realized delivery of goods. The system also allows monitoring by the customer, through a notification system and contact with the drivers. The main benefits of the system are optimization of routes, driving times, improved communication between departments and reduction of delays, which undoubtedly leads to higher customer satisfaction. Our partners are TRANSICS - The Company of WABCO (displayed via logos and with a link to our partners' website);

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